"Use the Force, Master Morda!"

Kas yra dievas? Kokie yra argumentai už ar prieš dievo egzistavimą? Kuri religija teisinga?
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Galvojau, gal į humoro skyrelį dėt, ale... bet tai gi ne joke :mrgreen:
Force strong for new Jedi church

Two Star Wars-loving brothers planning a Jedi church hope it will be much nearer than a galaxy far, far away.
Barney and Daniel Jones want fellow devotees to be able to join them close to their home on Anglesey.

Barney, 26 - or Master Jonba Hehol - and Daniel, 21 - Master Morda Hehol - head the UK Church of the Jedi, in honour of the film's good knights.

They say their services will include sermons on "the Force," light sabre training, and meditation techniques.

Hairdresser Barney became interested in the Jedi faith after 390,000 other Star Wars fans across England and Wales declared it as their religion on the 2001 census...
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